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Safety Management

With more than ten years of experience in aviation safety management, we have been there before it became part of the EASA regulation. Even tough everybody in the industry agrees that safety management will have a positive impact on safety statistics, we can see that a proper sized safety management system is hard to implement, and once it is implemented, it can be hard to keep it alive.

Operators have to say good-bye to the idea to drive a management system just to fulfill compliance requirements. They need to swap over to a safety management system which positively impacts their operation, which can be quantified and measured, saves more money than it costs and - most important - is able to proof so.

We are experienced in implementing such systems, step by step and slowely bring it to life, and keep it running without binding to many resources to it. Especially smaller operators are struggeling with that.

Get in contact with us, and let us explain our system and the supporting platform. We promise not to waste your time, and give you results in the shortest possible time.

Is compliance monitoring and auditing really improving flight safety?

We all have been into this situation: Another working day, another audit, another auditor coming to see the operations work. A day full of explanations, declarations, time and paper consuming audit meetings, negotiations about opinions, findings, classifications, root cause analyses and corrective actions. And by the end of the day exhaustion on both sides and another list of findings to close.

Does that really improve flight safety? Yes it does.

It is improving flight safety because most of the regulations you have to show compliance against are made to improve flight safety. A lot of practical knowledge of incidents and accidents already happened has been put into those regulations, the AMCs and guidance materials. So why is auditing then such a stressful and exhausting thing to do?

The problem is not auditing itself, finding issues, doing root cause analyzes or corrective actions and follow ups. That should really give you a good feeling, because something good happened – you improved flight safety.

The problem is the audit process itself and the tools you use for it. Get in contact with us, and let us show you, how easy you can create and conduct compliance audits with our tools.

Do you organize those two day initial CRM trainings with all the syllabus to go trough, recurrent every year, CBTs, CRM skill assessments at line checks and OPC/LPCs? Yes? Are they usefull to your organization? No? Did you ever ask yourself why you are driving a system, without getting any benfit from it?

The main issue about all that is: The documents which are used, do not produce any trend for your crew members, so a improvement or degradement in human factors is not visible to the operator, until something happens.

Let us show you, how to benefit from the data you create, by simply moving the CRM assessments from the piece of paper, into a database.

About Us

We are a small, dedicated team, specialized in safety and compliance management in the aviation sector.
Our goal is to create highly-useable, lightweight, and affordable software solutions to support your management systems.
Our team members have long time experience in aviation in flying-, training-, safety- as well as management positions.
We are qualified for EASA Nominated Person Positions, and we are happy to help and support you in your operational needs for short- or longterm positions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us any time if you have questions about our services.

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